What's on Now?

The following lessons are part of the series currently being aired on Into His Likeness radio broadcast. To read or print the lessons from which the broadcasts are taken, click on Life Lessons on the Menu Bar. Scroll down to the series and the lesson wanted. Select the word "View" under the Read column.


Series:       God's Living Legends - Part 1 (Sept 24-28)  





#711-B    THE DOTHAN CONSPIRACY (Slavery is not what I planned for my life.)




#712-A    JOSEPH: SUCCESS ON THE JOB (Tips on rising to the top.)




#712-B    FALSELY ACCUSED (What to do when life is unfair.)




#713-A    IT IS NOT IN ME (I can't, but God can.)



#713-B    TO GOD BE THE GLORY (What is glory, anyway?)