– Luke 2:10

How to Convert the World’s Christmas Story into
GOD’S Christmas Story!



  Making the Most of Christmas In Making the Most of Christmas Russell Kelfer gives his always practical insights into specific ways to make a spiritual switch from symbols, practices and values that have been taken hostage by the World to creative ways to use those things to teach Spiritual Truth.

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 Other Mini-Books with Audio Available

  The Day Grandpa Was Born

The Day Grandpa Was Born – A Christmas story. Take an imaginary trip to Forrest Grove and meet Grandpa and Pastor Tom and the changes that came over that little town as the result of one man’s prayer and some unforeseen circumstances. (It’s the most requested of all of Russell’s fiction stories with a spiritual message).

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   When The Sun Comes Up In The Desert


This is not your usual Christmas Story. No snow, no sleigh bells,
no Santa Claus. Instead there’s a lot of sand and blazing hot sun
and four strangers living in a tent in a far away desert.

And there is a war on.
Written in 1990 when Desert Storm was still being called
Desert Shield, its fictional story remains relevant today.
It’s message is timeless and 100% true.


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Ethel’s Amazing Umbrella – A sequel to the Grandpa story, this fictional story with a spiritual message takes place 5 years later. Hear the story of Ethel’s umbrella and what caused a big hole in it.  

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As our Christmas gift to you, we’ve posted one of Russell’s most beloved Christmas poems, Little Freddy.


© Russell Kelfer

Little Freddy gazed wistfully
Into his father’s eyes
Who, (knowing little boys)
Found questions no surprise!

“Dad, why are people so different at Christmas?
So happy about the day...
If that’s the way they’re ‘sposed to act
Why aren’t they always that way?”

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May God bless you with a more Christ-filled
Christmas than you’ve ever known!