Beginning a New Series

Prayer: God’s Secret Weapon

A Timeless Bible Study
by Russell Kelfer



Photo © Kay Kelfer Bridges

“Be still and know that I am God”
Psalm 46:10


Kay’s lake, shown on a day of absolute stillness with not even a tiny ripple in the water, displaying each tree reflected perfectly, is the physical representation of the spiritual key to hearing God speak in what the Bible describes as a still small voice. May her signature picture for this series speak to your heart God’s quiet grace and peace.


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Welcome to the current topic addressed here by Russell. For the next few weeks the lessons will be from his series on PRAYER. The fourth message is:


#1329-B The Secret Place

“God’s voice is still and quiet and easily buried
under an avalanche of clamor” – Charles Stanley

To begin:

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Discussion Questions:

1. Do you know any “prayer warriors”? What do we mean by that term?

2. Praying, giving alms and fasting in public was a common practice in Jesus’ day. What led to that?

3. If those things are done in secret, Jesus says the Father will reward us openly. Explain.

4. Do you or anyone you know fit any of the descriptions of a hypocrite (p. 10).

5. What is special about praying in the secret place compared to public or group prayer?

Coming Titles: Why Must We Pray; The Essence of Prayer; The Secret Place; Your Father Knows.

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