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Welcome to the second section of Prayer: God’s Secret Weapon

By Russell Kelfer

Did you learn the LORD’S Prayer as a child so well you can now say it by heart? (Without thinking about what it means?)

And that word “Hallowed”.  What do you think it means, anyway?
Is it just a term of respect?

Why are you called by the name your parents chose for you?

You have options as to how you go about learning
what Russell said about it.

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Discussion Questions:


1. How does the passage in Isaiah 9:6 reflect the Godhead?

2. How is the word wonderful often used today compared to its use in Scripture?

3. Where should we go first to seek counsel? and second?

4. What does it mean that God’s interests are eternal and ours are temporal?  How should that affect our prayers?

5. Where does the only real peace come from?  How is it obtained?




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