Forgive Us

By Russell Kelfer

Fifth in the series on the meaning of The Lord’s Prayer #1332-B

In this lesson find answers to what steps are
necessary to be forgiven.

What price must I pay?

Is forgiveness earned?

Forgive me as I do what?

If I’m already a Christian, why do I need it?

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Discussion Questions:



1. How does forgiveness equal freedom?


2. Explain how one can be back in bondage after receiving the initial forgiveness of sins?


3. Why do we sometimes hesitate to confess our sins? Why is it necessary to do so?


4. What was God’s purpose in “proportionate forgiveness”? (pg. 10-11)


5. Is it possible to feel justified in not forgiving? Have you ever heard someone say (or said yourself), “I can never forgive…”. How would God respond?