So What’s Next?




We’re back to offer you (or you and/or a group)
a chance to study a Russell Kelfer lesson here on line.

It forms the second division of his study series entitled:

Prayer: God’s “Secret” Weapon

Can You Repeat the “Lord’s Prayer” By Heart?

Have you ever thoroughly discovered the meaning
of the words you are praying?

Let’s get started. We are referring to Russell’s lesson #1330-B,

Our Father Who Art in Heaven


See Discussion questions below

(To do this study off line, you may order at no charge
a CD, a printed copy, and the discussion questions
 by calling (800) 375-7778
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If you missed doing the first few lessons on the series,
“Why Don’t We Pray?” and “Why Must We Pray”, etc.
you can still receive them by contacting us at the 800 number.

And you may expect the next lesson, “Hallowed Be Thy Name”
To be posted in a couple of weeks.

May you be richly blessed!