What if I'm Just a Failure?
by Russell Kelfer

What if I am just a failure?
What if all I've seemed to do
Is travel on and leave in shambles
What I've touched as I've passed through?

What if as a parent
Or a mate I've seemed to fail?
What if I've to crime resorted?
What if I've been sent to jail?

What if I have lost a fortune?
Foolish waste has cost it all.
What if every turn I've taken
Led me up against a wall?

How can ever in this life
Jesus use a man like me?
How can Jesus use a failure?
What good on earth could my life be?

Friend, Jesus shops for future leaders,
Often in the failure store.
Often those He picks to cherish
Have been tried and failed before.


©Russell Kelfer.  All rights reserved.