Welcome Home Mr. Ambassador
by Russell Kelfer


Welcome Home, Mr. Ambassador.
Faithful thou hast been.
I sent thee forth into a world
Controlled and fed by sin.

Yet, ye went forth with holiness,
Remembering as you went,
To not forget your purpose,
(The reason you were sent.)

You did not compromise your task;
Instead you paid the price,
And all that mattered in your life
Was what would please your Christ.

And now you're home; your job is done.
Your mission now is past.
And I have called you to my side
To see what works will last.

Welcome Home, Mr. Ambassador,
Now that your task is through.
Because you understood your call,
I've great rewards for you.

And those rewards with joy I give;
They now belong to thee.
And yet, I know full well, He says:
"You'll give them back to Me."

Welcome Home, Ambassador.
What joy to hear Him say:
"Welcome Home, Ambassador
Welcome Home to stay!"


©Russell Kelfer.  All rights reserved.