"In Jesus' name, Amen!"
by Russell Kelfer


"In Jesus' name, Amen!"
We so flippantly pray:
"Lord, I demand in Jesus' name,

Whatever I want today."

"In Jesus' name, Amen."
We so dishonor the King.
We strut up to His heavenly throne

And don't receive a thing
Because we do not truly come
In Jesus' precious name.
We tack it on like magic phrase;

His nature we defame.
"In Jesus, name, we pray, Amen,"
Means that in awe we come;
 That God has made the likes of us

Heirs of His dear Son.

His very nature now is ours.
It's all in His account.
And if we come correctly,

We're free to draw it out!
All of Him, and it's all ours.
We'll never be the same.
And all we need to do is learn

To come in Jesus' name.
His mercy, love, and grace are ours.
Dear God, we come again,
Though undeserving, asking,

"In Jesus' name, Amen."

©Russell Kelfer. All rights reserved