The Giants Still Fall
by Russell Kelfer

The giants still fall, Beloved.

The giants will always fall.
My God has not retired me,
Nor nullified my call.

The body may be weaker,
The strength may well have waned;
But as the flesh has lost its power,
Praise God, His power remained.

And so the weaker I may be,

The less that I can do,
The more the LORD seems prone to shout,
"Now I can work through you.”

And so, as sunsets dominate

The songs life sings to me,
May I not yet succumb to those
Who have not eyes to see

That God has not retired me,

Nor from the conflict freed;
But, rather, He has given me
New orders yet to heed.

And He has, through His precious Word,
Yet issued forth this call:
"My son, the battle has not ceased;
There are still giants to fall.

"I'll tell you when it's over;
'Till then, pick up your sword.
There are still countless giants to slay;
Just stand before the Lord”

And let Him slay them one by one,
'Till every battle's past,
And 'till that final giant of death
Is swallowed up at last.

Then with a song of triumph
That shakes the gates of hell,
He'll shout, "My soldier stood his ground
Until the last giant fell.”


©Russell Kelfer. All rights reserved.