A Grand Reunion Coming
by Russell Kelfer


There's a grand reunion coming,
When with all the saints gone by,
We'll behold the Master's glory,
And the Vic'try shout we'll cry.We'll see seas of happy faces

In a sky devoid of rain.
We'll behold of triumph,
Now devoid of death and pain.

There's a grand reunion coming;
We'll see Moses, Paul and James.
We'll sit down by Father Abraham;
We'll call them by their names.

And we'll learn from them to worship.
Oh, what power they can impart!
Why, we can spend an age or two
Just learning heart to heart.

There's a grand reunion coming.
All our loved ones in the Lord
Will be joined as one with open arms
To gather 'round His Word.

We'll hear choruses of love and joy;
We'll sing "Amazing Grace."
And with all the saints who've ever lived,
We'll gaze upon His face.

Our God's planned a happy ending,
So take heart through every trial.
There's a Grand Reunion coming
That will make it all worthwhile!


©Russell Kelfer.  All rights reserved.