Finding Hope!

Introducing our new on-line Bible Study.
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From time to time we will offer you a topical grouping of lessons by Russell Kelfer
accompanied by “for further thought”/discussion questions and often, his poems and prayers,.
We expect this series on Hope will run each week for five weeks.

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Week 2: It Didn't Have to happen (#956-A)

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Discussion Questions


1)   When consequences do not immediately follow wrong-doing, what are we tempted to think?

2)   What makes the parable an effective tool for opening the eyes of one who thinks his/her sin is unknown?

3)   Was Nathan taking a chance in confronting David? How could David have responded?

4)   Was David’s response to the parable a reflection of the “real” David?

5)   How does David’s response to being confronted with his sin reveal that he is a “man after God’s own heart”?

6)   How did God’s mercy and forgiveness affect David as king?