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By Russell Kelfer, San Antonio, Texas USA







 In Our Chaotic and Troubled World

Does Watching or Hearing or Reading the News Give You
Perhaps it’s time to counteract some of that with a time-out to listen to


God’s Prescription for Worry
by Russell Kelfer


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Are We
Living the End Times?

Consider Russell’s messages in the series

Living the End Times:
Once the King Has Come
(Series 932A – 935B)

Includes 8 messages:


  932-A That Will Be Glory for Me    
  932-B In the Twinkling of an Eye  
  933-A Welcome Home, Mr. Ambassador  
  933-B Here Comes the Bride  
  934-A When the Lights Go Out on Planet Earth, Pt 1  
  934-B When the Lights Go Out on Planet Earth, PT 2  
  935-A And Every Eye Shall See Him  
  935-B Behold, I Make All Things New  

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