By Russell Kelfer, San Antonio, Texas USA



Starting Over


Russell Kelfer taught hundreds of Bible lessons, but every few years he repeated the series “Starting Over” as January of a new year rolled around.

Whether or not your habit is to make New Years Resolutions, this series will give you a lot of food for thought.

Topics addressed include:

  • your storehouse of false guilt;
  • personal supply of bitterness;
  • unresolved conflicts;
  • besetting sins;
  • basic disciplines;
  • emotions in our personal operating system;
  • and “first love” (total commitment.)

Follow along with us as we listen to Russell teach one lesson per week. Use this resource for your personal study, or listen with your Bible study group. 

Week Two: Guilt -  True or False?

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There are 8 messages in this series. The lessons are designed to be listened to in sequential order for optimum understanding. If you miss one, or want to listen to other lessons in the series, use the playlist below: