By Russell Kelfer, San Antonio, Texas USA



“Precious in the sight of the Lord is
the death of his saints” – Psalm 116:15


WELCOMED HOME, JUNE 28, 2014 while working in Rwanda, Africa


  It is with rejoicing for Gerald but mixed with shock, sadness and grieving for all who knew and loved him that we share with you the news of Gerald’s unexpected early departure.

“Absent from the body, present with the Lord.” Very shortly after posting a new profile picture of himself on Facebook, wearing the formal robes of his position as a professor at the new Christian seminary in Rwanda that Gerald slipped and fell in his bath. Head wounds ushered him very quickly into the presence of his Lord.

For loving words and pictures from his brother in the Lord and in ministry, Tim Hokeclick Read more.

To see DTM’s original Gerald posting, go to our DTM GLOBAL button, “Where in the World” and select Other Africa, “tell me please” link.


Sharing Breaking News Now

                                     Dear Friends,                                                                                                                     June 2014                   

Thank you for your prayer for Ukraine. As the photo above depicts, mass prayer meetings continue                               

                            across Ukraine, as people turn to God for Peace. Click for current news/photos

A Further Update from Ukraine


ANSWERED PRAYER: We did mail the Russian translation of Russell's lesson "My Grace is Sufficient for You" to our Russian speakers during the recent upheaval in Ukraine. We enclosed an envelope and requested that they reply to us confirming uninterrupted mail delivery. PTL: Many have replied, including "our" Vladimir.


So Who is "Your" Vladimir???

 If you haven't met him yet, click here