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We strongly suspect there are some people out there on the internet who wish that years ago they had been able to study with Russell Kelfer in person. Because he spoke practically. Because he made clear applications from Scripture to timeless situations like those you face yourself. Because he was not a preacher, just a tire dealer with a close relationship with Jesus Christ.

And because maybe, just maybe, you would like to share thoughts with some of your family, friends, or neighbors. Or maybe you are just looking for easy to understand topics for your own pondering alone.

If you are joining our experiment, HOW'S THIS WORKING FOR YOU?
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Hear in this week's lesson a prophet of the Lord standing all alone, speaking God's truth to the people regardless if what he said went against popular opinion.

Sound familiar? When you see compromises are being made all around you, do you feel pulled to agree with the majority? Do you speak out regardless of the consequences? Would you be more likely to stay quiet? How concerned are you to see what the Word of God says about it?
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One thing you need to understand:  Russell called this series Little Known Legends. That’s what you will hear him say.  However, because in some parts of this world the word Legends is looked upon as meaning fictional characters, we want to assure you that the people were real, not myths or characters in a fictional story. No.

Lesson #3: 1245-A  

Micaiah: Mark My Words, All You People
(one of our unheralded heroes)

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Discussion Questions:

1) How important is the admonition to first seek counsel?

2) How did Micaiah have the courage to tell Ahab he would be killed in battle?

3) Why did Jehoshaphat agree to go to war after Micaiah’s prophecy?

4) What excuses do we use when we are the only ones objecting and “everyone else is doing it”?

5) How should we determine who should give us counsel?